Here's what to do

1.  Download The Schopp App

Visit Google Play or Apple's App Store and download the Schopp App.

2.  Login with your email and surname

Use the email and surname (as your password) you signed up with to login.  If you haven't signed up sign up now

3.  Check your Schopp Window

Follow the instructions and make sure you have filled out everything and are happy to go!

4.  Create offers, promos and rewards

Click the middle triangle and fill out the simple forms to create a digital loyalty card, deals, offers and promotions for customers.

4.  Customers, family and friends

Get everyone you know to download the app and create a shopper profile.  Get them to search for and connect with you so your deals and rewards appear live in their feed.

5.  Our mission and vision

We might not be Google or Facebook, but we do believe that lots of smalls make a big. 


We believe in goodness, equality, fairness and that as a connected community, we can make a real difference.

We can do it.  We can bring every small shop and shopper in the world, together. For good.