Sharing my schopping world


Schnap & Tag is the only way to share your schopping loves, finds and inspirations with the world! You can’t free type a message; just choose a Tag which shows how you feel at that moment. Tap the Spray can in the top right hand corner of your app to begin. 

(1) Type a brand or business name you like into the search field and select it

(2) If it doesn’t exist, don’t worry, create one yourself - Type in the name, Click on ‘Create a new brand’, Upload a logo of that brand

(3) Choose a Tag from the drop down list, which is how you feel at that moment

(4) Take a photo or select an image from your library, which accompanies your tag. (For best results take your photo in Landscape). For Android phones tap on the outline box and size it around the image you want to schnap For iPhones tap on your image and move this between the box you want to schnap

(5) Check the box ‘Share Schnap & Tag location so your friends can see where around the world you found the inspiration

(6) Tap Schnap & Tag and share with your friends

(7) After that you’ll be taken back to your homepage to see your shared shopping inspiration!


Sharing great finds with friends?


Schopp allows you to share amazing deals, things to buy and offers from local stores. To Tag and share with all your peeps just do the following


(1) Tap on the spray can, which is always seen at the bottom left of any schopp window (apart from your homescreen) throughout the app.


(2) Confirm that you with to Tag this with your connection(s)

(3) You friends and family connected to you can now see, connect and follow this amazing merchant


How do I search & connect with people and schopps?


You won’t receive anything directly unless YOU connect and follow - NO SPAM, NO emails, NO rubbish. There are several ways for you to search, find and connect

(1) Invite and connect via email on sign up Schopp works when we all connect with one another. After logging in, you will be taken to an invite screen where you can invite all your friends and favourite merchants, via email.


(2) Invite and connect via email in the last tab (3 dots) on the bottom navigation Don’t worry if you don’t have time to invite everyone immediately, even after logging in and playing around, the invite feature can be found instantly and used time and time again.


(3) Tap the ‘Connect’ tab to search and find people to connect with Look at the profiles of people you are already connected to, search for people that you’d like to look at and see where they shop and then connect 


(4) Tap on the ‘Schopp’ tab to search and find merchants with promotions.  Search for a merchant by name or search by a keyword... e.g. Coffee, espresso, spinning. Markets that are returned can be viewed before you decide to connect and follow them. 


(5) Small brand logo underneath retagged promotion on your homescreen If a friend has ‘Tagged’ an amazing promotion that has caught your eye, tap on the logo, which takes you straight to the merchant schopp window...if you like what you see, connect and follow! 


(6) All your connected merchant shop windows:  When you connect we will ask you to categorise into Play, Work, Home or Travel. Tap on your wallet view on the bottom navigation to find the markets and stalls you need right away.





By tapping on the 3 dots located in the bottom right hand side you can edit your profile or invite your friends to join you in the fun! 


(1) Profile Picture Change that selfie picture, add your address or contact number

(2) Invite your friends and family Share in the fun by tapping on ‘Invite contacts’ which will bring up all of your contacts stored in your phone. You can choose who to invite or why not invite them all?!

(3) Change password Change your password if you need to, as many times as you like, to keep that profile secure.