Without the users of Schopp we are nothing.  So we created a global tech company with a difference. 


Our founder will give 50% of his shares away to the most important people, it's users.


It's called democratising the world and technology, it's called doing the right thing, it's called making the world a better place.

How It Works

1.  Download Schopp, invite your friends and family, talk about us, use us and help us get 100+ million users

2.  The Schopp board will select 10,000 users who will each be given equal amount of shares set aside.

3.  Users will be chosen because of their positivity, inclusivity and nature of their profiles, not because they have the most followers

That's as simple as it is


So download, invite your friends and help us grow, help us create a new model for social change and an exciting future for us all.